Drill Bits

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I used to practice freehand grinding drill bits in the afternoons before machining class just for fun. Now I forget what compound angles to drill bits for mild steel are. Anyways, use this link to flesh this article page out more when you (me) get the chance. Here's a handy link for some dude that made a cheap jig.

Note: "Jobber" drill bits, I suppose, actually refer to the nominal diameter of the drills, being fractions. At least, stateside, they are categorized by their designation, or how the diameters of the drill bits are distinguished. So there are numerical gauge and letter gauge drill bits. Fractionated drill bits would be the equivalent of jobber drill bits, however, I believe "jobber" bits have become a catch-all for anything that isn't masonry, annular, spade, SDS, brad point, etc etc.

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