Specimen Acceptance or Rejection

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Unlabeled Container

  • If sample recieved is unlabeled -- accession as 1999 problem account and 9995 test cancel until client is notified. Testing will be canceled, client notified.
  • Do not label yourself.
  • Call client, notify of test cancel, ask to resubmit with new label.
  • After client notification, change to 9995 Test Cancel and change from problem account to the client account number.
  • Use coded comment MC004 (Sample received without id). Include in comment documentation of who was notified of test cancel.
  • If resubmitting, include copy of requisition with bagged specimen.
  • Special consideration -- return sample with time-sensitive liability waiver. Use coded comment MC008.

Samples with One Identifier

  • Accession with problem account. Under instructions, indicate how sample was labeled. Order test as indicated and do testing.
  • Client Services will call client and send Patient Dual Identifier form to client. When client has verified ID with signed form, results will be released by changing from problem account to client account.

Sample Integrity Diminished

  • Accession sample as 1999 Problem Account and 1999 Problem Test. For Micro, accession as 4099 Problem Micro Test. Under instructions, indicate specimen problem.