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Traditional Sundials

The Gnomon is fixed and parallel to the Earth's axis.[1]

Analemmatic Sundials

Analemmatic sundials are different from traditional sundials in that the gnomon, the object that casts the shadow, is a vertical column rather than a wedge. [2]

Sundial Mottos

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat. (All hours wound; the last one kills.)

Mox nox. (Night, shortly.)

Horas non numero nisi serenas. (I count only the sunny hours.)

̈Semper amicis hora. (Always time for friends.)

Amicis qualibet hora. (Any hour for my friends.)

Tempus edax rerum. (Time devours things.)

Vita similis umbræ. (Life resembles a shadow.)

Vita fugit, sicut umbra (Life passes like the shadow.)

Una ex his erit tibi ultima. (One of these [hours] will be your last.)

Ultima latet ut observentur omnes. (Our last hour is hidden from us, so that we watch them all.)[3]


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