Tablet Head Unit

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SDR Touch receives radio by using a USB dongle. It runs offline and does not require a data plan or internet connection! Take SDR Touch anywhere and find out what the radio waves are hiding

In order to run SDR Touch, you will need:

  1. USB digital TV (DVB-T) dongle with the RTL2832U chip. You may already have one of them laying around. They cost less than $10
  2. USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable - if you've ever connected a USB thumb drive to your Android device, you already have it. They are extremely cheap]

Rear Cam


Ram Mount

For Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0", SM-T237P, use theː Intelliskin with Vehicle Dock or 7-8" Tablet Cradle

RAM-VB-137 Base Plate for 2007 Toyota Camry Double Swing Arm Telepole

Existing Head Unit