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What Does Tasker Do ?

Tasker performs Tasks (sets of basic actions) based on Contexts (application, time, date, location, event, state, voice command, gesture, shortcut, widget press/timer expiry).

Contexts are ordered into groups and connected to tasks in units called Profiles. When all of the contexts in a Profile are active, its Enter task runs. When it's no longer active, its Exit task runs.

Example Profile

	(Application) Browser
	(Time) 9:00 - 17:00
Enter Task: 
	WiFi, On
	Flash, "Happy Browsing"
Exit Task:
	Flash, "Goodbye"
When the application Browser is started betweeen 9:00 and 17:00 WiFi is automatically enabled and "Happy Browsing" flashes up briefly.

When Browser is no longer running, or the time is no longer between 9:00 and 17:00, "Goodbye" flashes up briefly and WiFI is restored to its previous setting (because Wifi is a settings action, marged with a cog icon, which are automatically restored).

More Information

the Guides page is a good starting place.
You can download profiles for common tasks via Menu / Browse Examples
Tasker also includes a built-in Userguide plus a help text for each screen, accessed via the Menu key (or the overflow icon in the action bar).
See the User Support info if you have questions or problems.