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Problem Statement

A request for will call pickups involves

  1. many transactionsː Will call request (which is sometimes put on hold̠) > CRM (HC1) Record > Dispatch > Dashboard/whiteboard record > Will call log record

Error chance tend to multiply with each additional transaction, something that doesn't typically happen in smaller locations because customer support usually knows which courier to call, but apparently there's a lot of hand holding in PEN.

  1. few documentation trail


It was suggested that the approach be chaining together and appropriate (exploit) preexisting services together. Not sure an integrated mobile application is appropriate for enterprise systems.

Event Handler

All of the above can be handled through an event flow [1] that handles those tasks that either orː capture – Handling events between roots to target; target – all events are handled in the target; Bubbling – Events are handled between parent of target and root.

Button > Event > OTS> [ Event Handler >

HTTP Request XMLHTTP Request [2] My concerns are features that overlap with Spectrapath. Since we're


Butler for Trello

Trello API

Barcode WEB UI for Trello[3]