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Find turning radius of our existing pallet jack and design the landing to accomodate that.

Material Handling

  • Sheet carts 2'-4'
  • Casters either threaded stem >5/16" diameter and >1.75" length to clear 2x, or plate casters optimally <1.5"x2"

Material and objects too cumbersome or unable to clear the turn radius of the landing can be lifted right onto the landing or onto the raised with a forklift and in turn be taken by a pallet jack.

Heavy stock, supplies and equipment can be unloaded from vehicles, steered into high storage.

Whatever requirement that necessitated a aerial platform such as our scissor jack could potentially be satisfied with a cheaper manlift.

Possible trade - R completes the run for 3-phase, we supply them with a pneumatic line from our air compressor.

Build custom 24"x 48" pallets to stack two pallets deep inside a 4' deep pallet rack and added versatility-- not every bunk size will always be 40"x44".

Build a palletized dumpster that can be jacked outside.


Nail pullers and pneumatic mail pusher.

Wait until bee company offers with their tooling and equipment, maybe they have already what we need-- the truck, pneumatic equipment, 3phase requirement.


Walkie Reach Truck

Air Compressor





Bar None





J.J. Kane Auctioneers


Crown Forklift sold for $1600 Forklifts near Portland on EquipmentTrader

MetroLift & Equipment Sales,Inc.