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Choosing a wedding venue is tricky. There is so much pressure to choose the right location, so many things that could possibly go wrong and simply no way to recover from that. Folks have been getting married since mankind developed civilizations and cultures, but for each person who is about to get married, it is a brand new experience. The concept of marriage itself is old, but that does not stop it from being an important day that requires much planning to be executed to perfection.

Many believe that half the planning with respect to weddings could be considered complete, once the wedding venue is locked down. This actually makes sense and fairly easy to picture the reasons. sneak a peek here typical wedding scenario, either real or like those that are shown on television, includes lots of people arriving, the actual ceremony, kids, dancing, the gift giving and the food. Many would not like to admit it but a whole lot of folks show up at weddings for the food alone. They still bring gifts with them, so in a way, it's okay.

All these activities have to be there and you cannot tell people that one of these events is cancelled or not planned. That means, your wedding venue should be large enough to accommodate all these wedding related activities. There must be a space allocated for the ceremony, there must be a dedicated dining area, a place to set down the gifts. The gift part is crazy because some folks really like to give huge gifts. The food has to be great. So, you have your task cut out when you and your future life partner set out to find your venue.


The most basic thing you must expect from a wedding venue is availability. On the face of it, you might think that this is silly. Of course, wedding venues are available when they are not occupied. When we talk about availability, we are talking about availability in the sense that the venue you want is available at your price and that the date you wish.

This is trickier than you would imagine. For instance, there is the wedding season and there is the non-wedding season. Obviously, wedding venues become extremely busy during the wedding season, which drives the prices up. If you are getting married on a budget, you may want to get married in an off season, when the prices will be low, not just the wedding venue but for associated services as well.

Even if budget is not a concern, wedding venues, the popular ones at least will be booked months in advance if not years. You may have a wedding venue that you like but is simply not available. The smart thing to do though, is to book the place in advance. This is where planning your wedding ahead of time becomes crucial. Also needed is a lot of patience. You could decide to get married today and have a venue ready at a weeks' time.

However, if you want the wedding venue of your choice, then you have to book and then wait for the day to arrive. It is always your call to make.

Venue Credibility

Wedding venues are just like people or an institution. Over time, they gather with them a lot of goodwill, like religious centres and holiday destinations. Most wedding venues are usually a few decades old and in some cases even centuries old. Given a choice, you should get married at a venue that simply gives out that feeling of being old and hence fantastic.

If you have a particular wedding place in mind, simply bring it up in crowded conversations that has people who have been married or have attended a lot of weddings. See what they have to say about it. If the majority have only good things to say about it, then there you go. Getting married at that place is a serious consideration because one person could be wrong, but not a whole group of thinking, smart individuals.

Level Of Hospitality

A great wedding venue does not automatically make for a great venue staff though. Sometimes an awesome wedding may be ruined by poor staff. So, when you are seriously thinking of booking a venue for the special day, try and speak with as many staff as you can. Speak to the person who will be managing the bar. Speak to the folks who will be taking care of the staff. Speak to the security folks of the venue and the parking valet. Engage with all the staff who will be involved in the wedding, to get a feel of the people who are part of the venue.